Profound Cellulite Treatment Cellulite Treatment of Buttock and Thighs

Profound is a radiofrequency (RF) treatment that combines microneedling technology with temperature controlled radiofrequency.  Basically, the applicator has multiple small needles that are inserted under the skin.  If they are superficial, they tighten the skin by heating up the dermis and causing collagen and elastin formation.

Profound also has a handpiece that is used for cellulite treatment.  The needles in the cellulite handpiece (SubQ) go deeper into the fat layer, which is where the fibrous bands are that cause the lumpy appearance of cellulite.  The radiofrequency energy melts some of the tight bands, helping release the indents, while at the same time tightening the surrounding skin.  This gives a smoother appearance to the cellulite of the buttock, hips, and thighs.

“Finally, a good non-surgical option for cellulite”

Cellulite Treatment That Works

Profound is a cellulite treatment that works and is proven.  A recent study on Profound for cellulite examined and analyzed dimples and irregularities in the skin.  There was significant improvement in cellulite of the thigh after a single treatment at 3 to 6 months after the treatment.  Patients have to be realistic in their expectations and some patients desire a second treatment after 6 months to achieve their desired outcome. 

Cellulite Treatment Areas with Profound

Buttock   ~   Hips   ~   Thighs

Cellulite Grades

Profound Cellulite Treatment
Before and After Photo

Options for Cellulite Treatment

Most other lasers and cellulite treatments work only on the surface of the skin, and not under the skin like Profound.  These treatments can take 5 to 10 sessions to notice a very modest improvement in cellulite appearance.  On the surgical side, liposuction is sometimes performed for cellulite but carries the additional risks of surgery and anesthesia, along with an extended recovery. 

Profound vs Cellfina for Cellulite Treatment

What about Cellfina?  Cellfina is a device that applies suction to the skin and then a small blade is inserted.  The blade moves from side to side to cut the bands that cause cellulite.  Cellfina is also an office procedure using local anesthesia.  However, Cellfina has significant bruising and downtime, almost like surgery.  In addition, it doesn’t really tighten the skin, since no radiofrequency is used.  Profound heats and releases the bands but also tightens some of the surrounding skin during cellulite treatment.

Profound vs Cellulaze for Cellulite Treatment

Cellulaze is another cellulite treatment that is performed under local anesthesia.  A small cannula is placed underneath the skin and releases laser energy that can melt some fat and also release the tight bands.  However, Cellulaze is more expensive than Profound and has a longer recovery.  Cellulaze also has only a 30% Worth It rating on

Profound vs Velashape for Cellulite Treatment

Velashape is another device for cellulite that uses infrared light to reduce fat on the body.  It’s a completely non-invasive treatment, meaning not even a needle is used.  It also massages the tissues, which is supposed to increase lymphatic drainage and improve the cellulite.  The downside is that is takes multiple treatments and the improvement is minimal. 

Do Cellulite Creams Really Work?

The short answer – not really.  These products can cost upward of $100 and there is no real scientific data comparing before and after results and showing actual improvement.  Most of them contain various ingredients like antioxidants, caffeine, and retinol, which are all good for the skin, but don’t necessarily fix any of the underlying causes of cellulite.  For the very subtle results that cellulite creams may have, they have to be used forever to maintain those results.

Cellulite Treatment Near Me - Finding the Best Cellulite Treatment

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of cellulite with a minimally invasive procedure, consider Profound.  Call our office today to learn more and set up a consultation: 203-374-0310.

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