New TCA Chemical Peels for DermaSweep® PeelFusions By Shareef Jandali M.D. on February 09, 2014

Posted by Dr. Shareef Jandali

Microdermabrasion Combined with Chemical Peel

chemical peel microdermabrasion bridgeport fairfield jasmine goulette jandali plastic surgeryDermaSweep® is a particle-free microdermabrasion machine that uses patented bristles to resurface the skin.  The bristles are combined with a vacuum which allows stronger exfoliation of the skin and also increases circulation.  With a PeelFusion, after the microdermabrasion is performed, a chemical peel is infused into the skin for total skin rejuvenation. 

Why are PeelFusions Different?

Since the outer layer of dead skin cells has been removed with the microdermabrasion, the peel can penetrate deeper into the skin, allowing a more effective treatment.  There is also less peeling of the skin, but with a greater effect and better end result.  A PeelFusion works best for fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, sun spots, age spots, and uneven pigmentation of the skin.

Chemical Peels for Sun Spots and Age Spots

The makers of DermaSweep® have now released new formulations of their TCA PeelFusions:

  • TCA 15% Chemical Peel with Kojic, Lactic, and Azelaic Acids – this peel is perfect for skin tightening, resurfacing, along with skin lightening at the same time.  This peel helps treat brown spots, sun spots, and uneven skin pigmentation. 
  • TCA 15% Chemical Peel with Hyaluronic, Glycolic, and Salicylic Acids – this peel was designed to have deeper penetration while allowing skin hydration at the same time with the hyaluronic acid.

Contact Us for Chemical Peels in Connecticut

DermaSweep® PeelFusions with TCA Peels are available at Jandali Plastic Surgery.  If you are interested in getting particle-free microdermabrasion combined with a TCA peel, come visit our plastic surgery office in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  These treatments are performed by one of our skin care specialist nurses.  Call 203-374-0310 to set up an appointment today!

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