Upper Arm Fat Reduction in Connecticut with CoolSculpting By Shareef Jandali M.D. on September 13, 2014

Posted by Dr. Shareef Jandali

Lose Upper Arm Fat Forever!

Many patients desire to get rid of excess upper arm fat.  Upper arm fat accumulates with aging and weight gain in the area between the underarm and the elbow.  It is often a concern for patients when wearing a sleeveless shirt or dress, since it is readily visible.  Extra upper arm fat can make women feel self-conscious.  Many women try biceps and triceps exercises to try to reduce arm fat.  However, exercises will tone the muscles, but will do nothing to the overlying fat.  Only weight loss can help with upper arm fat loss.  However, even with weight loss and exercise, upper arm fat can be very resistant, with little effect seen. 

Liposuction of Arms vs Arm Lift

Upper arm fat removal surgery involves liposuction or an arm lift (brachioplasty).  Liposuction is best for patients with no excess or loose skin, but only extra arm fat.  This procedure is performed in the operating room under anesthesia.  An arm lift is usually reserved for patients after significant weight loss (bariatric patients) who have severe excess arm skin and fat.  This leaves a scar on the underside of the arm from the underarm area to the elbow. 

CoolSculpting to Freeze Away Arm Fat in Connecticut

Our Connecticut plastic surgery office now offers CoolSculpting® for upper arm fat reduction.  Upper arm fat is permanently reduced with this completely non-invasive and non-surgical treatment.  CoolSculpting® needs no anesthesia, needles, or sedation, and it is performed in the comfort of our office.  The new CoolFit applicator is used for the upper arm area in appropriate candidates.  Each arm is a one hour treatment and both can be performed on the same day.  There is minimal discomfort afterwards and possible mild swelling or bruising. 

CoolSculpting Downtime and Results

There is no down-time and normal activities and exercise can be resumed the same day after treatment.  The upper arm fat is frozen and the body naturally breaks down the fat cells.  The results are permanent and the fat cells that die will not come back.   Results can first be seen at about 2 months after treatment, and the final result is seen at 3-4 months after the treatment.  The ideal patient for CoolSculpting of upper arm fat is someone with excess fat but no excess or sagging skin.  CoolSculpting does not tighten the skin in the treated area. 

Contact Us for CoolSculpting of the Arms

CoolSculpting® for permanent reduction of upper arm fat in Connecticut is performed at Jandali Plastic Surgery by Dr. Shareef Jandali and his CoolSculpting nurses.  Come visit our plastic surgery office in Fairfield County, Connecticut to get rid of your upper arm fat for good!  Call 203-374-0310 to set up an appointment with Jandali Plastic Surgery today!

Visit our CoolSculpting website (click here) for more information and before and after CoolSculpting photos.

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