Patient of the Month - One Stage Breast Reconstruction in Connecticut By Shareef Jandali M.D. on November 01, 2014

Single Stage Mastectomy Reconstruction in Connecticut

Our patient of the month is a female from Fairfield County, Connecticut, in her early 50s who felt a mass in her right breast.  Her work-up included a mammogram and ultrasound of her breasts and she underwent a biopsy which showed breast cancer.  She decided to undergo bilateral nipple-sparing mastectomies at Bridgeport Hospital in Connecticut, with the left side being prophylactic, since there was no cancer in the left breast. 

Breast Reconstruction without Tissue Expanders

Out patient was a perfect candidate for bilateral breast one stage mastectomy reconstruction with silicone gel implants - no tissue expanders would be used at all.  She had a previous breast augmentation about 10 years prior and desired to be about the same size after breast reconstruction.  Her old implants would be removed at the time of surgery, and new slightly larger implants would be inserted in order to make up for the breast tissue volume removed.  She was thin and had good skin on her breasts and no sagging of her breasts.  This allowed the reconstruction to be able to be performed in one stage with the use of Alloderm to support the bottom of the implants on the inside.  Therefore, no second surgery was needed at all.

Breast Reconstruction Recovery

Her surgery went very well and all of the cancer was removed.  She healed nicely and did not need any further surgery or revisions on her breasts.  The photos seen below show the before surgery photo on the left and the after surgery photo on the right.  These single stage breast reconstruction photos are only 3 weeks after her breast surgery in Connecticut.  They show thin scars around the areola and on the outside of the breasts.  Since then, the scars have faded even more and are hardly visible.  Most importantly, she is still cancer free and doing well! 

Patient from Westport Connecticut after Bilateral One Stage Breast Reconstruction with Implants


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