Patient of the Month - Areola Reduction By Shareef Jandali M.D. on June 01, 2015

Surgery for Large Areolas

This patient is a 25 year old female who came to my office in consultation for areola reduction. The areola is the area of dark skin surrounding the nipple. Ever since breast development during puberty, her areolas were widened and took up most of the front part of her breasts. Even though she had no history of pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss, she also had some loose skin on her breasts and her breasts sagged slightly.

She was a perfect candidate for an areola reduction procedure. The only scar that was used was one around the outer border of the areola. This would heal very well in this location and would be camouflaged nicely. Her breasts would also be lifted at the same time through the same scar. Her surgery went very well and a special permanent suture was used to prevent widening of the areolas again in the future. She had a quick recovery after her breast surgery. The after photos are taken over 3 months after surgery and show a great breast shape with smaller areolas. She was incredibly pleased with the cosmetic result.

Areola Reduction Photos- Connecticut

Areola Nipple Reduction Surgery Connecticut     Areola Nipple Reduction Surgery Connecticut

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