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Deodorant and Antiperspirant Alternative with miraDry

miraDry Deodorant Antiperspirant Drysol CertainDri

Posted on March 9, 2016 — by Shareef Jandali

Antiperspirant Alternative for Excessive Sweating

miradry underarm sweating treatment jandali plastic surgeryDo you want to be sweat free but also chemical free?  Are you tired of using irritating prescription antiperspirants like Drysol and Certain Dri?  Do you always look for natural antiperspirants to avoid aluminum chloride chemicals in your underarms?  If so, consider a miraDry treatment in our office to be sweat free, chemical free, and nuisance free in your underarms. 

How Does miraDry Work?



Looking for an Aluminum Free Antiperspirant? Consider miraDry

miraDry is an in-office non-surgical treatment for permanent reduction of sweating by over 80% in as little as one treatment. The procedure uses focused energy to permanently kill the sweat glands and odor glands in the underarm.  You won't need antiperspirant or deodorant anymore!

miraDry Compared to Antiperspirants

miradry compared to antiperspirant connecticut jandali plastic surgery

Do You Need Sweat Glands in Your Armpit?

Every human body is born with 2 to 3 million sweat glands all over the body. The underarm area only makes up about 2% of those sweat glands. With miraDry, you get the benefits of no sweating in your underarms, but sweating elsewhere on the body is not affected. 

Underarm Odor Treatment with miraDry

In addition to significant sweat reduction in the underarms, miraDry also has other benefits. The focused energy delivered by the miraDry applicator not only kills the sweat glands, but also the odor glands. All patients notice a significant decrease in underarm body odor, where most no longer use deodorant. Another added benefit is a 70% reduction in underarm hair with just one treatment. This is as effective as underarm laser hair removal treatments, but just one treatment instead of the usual 5-6 with laser hair removal. In addition, miraDry works for all hair colors, even light hair.

Contact Us for miraDry Underarm Sweating Treatment

If you have underarm hyperhidrosis and live in Connecticut or the surrounding areas, call our office for a free miraDry consultation.  In one or two treatments, you can be sweat free, chemical free, and hassle free permanently.  Call 203-374-0310 today!

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