4 Things You Didn’t Know about Labiaplasty By Shareef Jandali M.D. on April 07, 2019

Labiaplasty can be performed under local anesthesia only

Dr. Jandali performs the majority of labiaplasties under local anesthesia only. This allows a labiaplasty to be performed in the privacy of our office procedure room. It also saves on the overall cost, as there is no additional cost for general anesthesia or use of an operating room in a surgicenter or hospital. The only times a labiaplasty is performed in a surgicenter or the hospital is if a patient is getting it as part of a mommy makeover, where they are already under general anesthesia for a breast procedure and/or tummy tuck.

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Pain after labiaplasty is minimal

When Dr. Jandali performs a labiaplasty, he uses a local anesthetic called Exparel which lasts for 3 days after the procedure. Most patients don’t even take pain medication after the procedure. The area can be sensitive after the medication wears off, but many patients just take Tylenol.


Recovery after labiaplasty is pretty quick

Unlike many other surgical procedures, labiaplasty patients recover pretty quickly. Swelling and bruising are normal and this peaks at a few days after the procedure and then disappears within a week or so. Most patients can go back to work after a few days - some even return the next day. We have patients avoid exercise, baths, hot tubs, swimming, use of tampons, and sexual activity for one month after labiaplasty.



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Different reasons for labiaplasty

Many women undergo labiaplasty for reasons other than appearance.

While some women desire a labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons, it also can provide physical relief for many women. Large or elongated labia minora can cause chronic irritation and pain when wearing certain clothing and during sexual activity. 

Many women are also embarrassed when wearing certain clothing like swimsuits and yoga pants, as the enlarged labia show through. These form fitting clothes often call attention to the area.

Finally, a labiaplasty can also give a confidence boost and help women feel more youthful after undergoing the procedure. With trends in waxing and shaving, the area is much more visible and women and partners are aware of what they look like down there. 

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Finding a Top Labiaplasty Surgeon in Connecticut

When searching for a top labiaplasty surgeon, one should ensure the plastic surgeon is Board Certifed and routinely performs labiaplasties.  Dr. Jandali is a Board Certifed plastic surgeon and performs a high volume of labiaplasties, as well as other feminine rejuvenation procedures.  Call our office to set up a consultation: 203-374-0310. 

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