Changes in Labia Appearance After Pregnancy and Childbirth By Shareef Jandali M.D. on August 14, 2023

Pregnancy and childbirth are transformative experiences that can bring immense joy and fulfillment to women's lives. However, they can also bring about physical changes, including those in the appearance of the labia (the external genitalia). Many women have questions about these changes and how they may impact their bodies and overall well-being. In this blog post, we will address the most common questions regarding changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth, providing you with information and guidance on this topic.


Are changes in labia appearance common after pregnancy and childbirth?

Yes, changes in labia appearance are common after pregnancy and childbirth. The process of carrying and delivering a baby can lead to various physical changes in the genital area. These changes can include stretching, enlargement, or looseness of the labia minora (inner lips) or labia majora (outer lips). 

What causes the changes in labia appearance?

The changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth are primarily due to hormonal fluctuations, increased blood flow, and the stretching of tissues during pregnancy and vaginal delivery. The vaginal canal expands to accommodate the baby during childbirth, which can result in temporary or permanent changes in the labia's size, shape, and texture.

Do all women experience changes in labia appearance after childbirth?

Not all women will experience significant changes in labia appearance after childbirth. The extent and nature of changes can vary from woman to woman, depending on factors such as genetics, the size of the baby, the number of pregnancies, and the method of delivery. Some women may notice minimal changes, while others may experience more pronounced alterations.

What are the common changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth?

The common changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth may include:

  • Enlargement or elongation of the labia minora or labia majora.
  • Increased laxity or looseness of the labia tissues.
  • Discoloration or darkening of the labia.
  • Loss of volume or fat in the labia majora.
  • Varicose veins or swelling in the labia.
  • Loss of elasticity or wrinkling of the labia.

Can changes in labia appearance affect a woman's self-esteem?

Changes in labia appearance can potentially affect a woman's self-esteem and body image. Women may feel self-conscious, uncomfortable, or dissatisfied with the changes they observe. It is important to remember that these changes are a natural part of the childbirth process, and each woman's experience is unique. 

Will the changes in labia appearance resolve on their own?

Some changes in labia appearance may resolve on their own over time, especially during the postpartum healing process. However, for some women, certain changes may persist or become more noticeable. It is important to give your body time to heal, but if concerns persist, it may be beneficial to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic feminine rejuvenation procedures and treatments.

Are there any non-surgical options to address changes in labia appearance?

Yes, there are non-surgical options available to address changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth. These options include:

  • Pelvic floor exercises and Emsella: Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles can improve muscle tone and provide support to the labia and surrounding structures. The Emsella chair is a non-invasive treatment that uses electromagnetic energy to strengthen and tighten the pelvic floor muscles - one 30 minutes treatment is equal to more than 11,000 Kegel exercises.
  • Morpheus8: This device performs microneedling but also adds radiofrequency for tightening of wrinkles or loose labia majora skin. 
  • Labial puff: This treatment consists of filler injections (like Restylane or Versa) into the labia majora to correct for volume loss and deflation of the area in order to give a more youthful appearance.

What are surgical options to address changes in labia appearance after pregnancy?

Surgical options to address changes in labia appearance are available for women who desire more significant changes or correction. Labiaplasty involves reshaping or reducing the size of the labia to improve symmetry, reduce discomfort, or enhance aesthetics. Labia majora tightening surgery can also be performed for significant laxity. This is performed by removing excess skin with a scar hidden in the crease between the labia minora and the labia majora.

Labiaplasty after pregnancy and childbirthLabiaplasty after pregnancy and childbirth

What is the recovery process like after labiaplasty?

The recovery process after labiaplasty can vary depending on the extent of the procedure and individual healing abilities. Typically, patients may experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort in the treated area for the first few days or weeks. Our office will provide specific post-operative instructions, which include icing in the first 24 hours, wearing loose clothing, avoiding exercise or sexual activity, avoiding tampon use, and maintaining proper hygiene. It is crucial to follow these instructions for optimal healing and results.

Are there any risks or complications associated with labiaplasty?

As with any surgical procedure, labiaplasty carries some risks and potential complications. These can include infection, bleeding, scarring, asymmetry, changes in sensation, or changes in pigmentation. 

When is the right time to consider labiaplasty after childbirth?

The timing of considering labiaplasty after childbirth is a personal decision and depends on various factors, including physical recovery, emotional readiness, and completion of breastfeeding. It is generally recommended to wait at least six months to a year after childbirth to allow the body to heal and hormones to stabilize. 


Changes in labia appearance after pregnancy and childbirth are common and can vary from woman to woman. While some changes may resolve naturally, others may persist or cause concerns related to self-esteem and body image. It is essential to remember that every woman's experience is unique, and there are options available to address these concerns. Whether through non-surgical measures such as Morpheus8 and filler, or surgical procedures like labiaplasty, it is important to consult with experts in feminine rejuvenation. We have established the Feminine Rejuvenation Center of Connecticut for a comprehensive approach to women's health and genital aesthetics. Our trained providers will provide guidance, support, and personalized treatment options to help you feel more comfortable and confident in your body after childbirth. Contact us for a consultation to discuss your options.

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