Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

Insurance Coverage for Breast Reduction in Connecticut

Insurance companies will often cover the full cost of breast reduction surgery if certain criteria are met.  They will often ask for medical documentation of neck pain, back pain, rashes underneath the breasts, and difficulties performing daily activities.  They often need photographic documentation of macromastia (large breasts).  Many insurances will only authorize surgery if a certain amount of breast tissue is removed from each breast.  They base these calculations on the patient’s height, weight, and body surface area. 

**Dr. Jandali gets insurance coverage for breast reduction in over 90% of cases.**

Tips for Getting Insurance to Approve Breast Reduction

Many insurance companies will request notes from other physicians (other than your plastic surgeon) to show that your physical complaints have been documented before and attempts have been made at conservative treatment prior to surgery.  We ask all patients to obtain notes from any of the following doctors: ObGyn, primary medical doctor, back/spine doctor, breast surgeon.  Also, if you have notes documenting that you have been a chiropractor, physical therapist, or an acupuncturist, these will help in getting approval as well.

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