What is the Recovery after a Labiaplasty?

At the end of the procedure, there will be a soft dressing on the area.  Patients can ice the area as needed to decrease swelling and help with pain control. 

Pain after Labiaplasty

There is usually minimal pain after surgery and patients are prescribed for a pain medication as well as an antibiotic for a few days after surgery.  I recommend that patients take two days off from work or perform the surgery at the end of the week so that they have the long weekend to recover.  Patients can shower the day after surgery and wash the area gently.  You will be seen in the office within a week of surgery to check to make sure everything is healing well.  The sutures are all dissolvable and will fall out within a week or two after surgery. 

Exercise and Sex after Labiaplasty

Patients can resume exercise about 4 weeks after surgery.  Exercise that causes excessive friction in the groin area can cause disruption of the sutures and is therefore avoided for 4 weeks.  Patients can resume sexual activity 4-6 weeks after surgery.

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If you have uneven or large labia and are interested in a labiaplasty, come visit our plastic surgery office in Fairfield County, Connecticut.  Call 203-374-0310 to set up an appointment with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Shareef Jandali.  We look forward to seeing you!

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