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Dr. Shareef Jandali provides earlobe repair and mole removal to help you look and feel your very best. If you have questions regarding these procedures or are interested in scheduling a consultation with our team, please don't hesitate to contact our Connecticut plastic surgery practice today. We would be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

Earlobe Repair

Partially or completely torn earlobes can cause physical and emotional scars. If partially torn and stretched out, the piercing hole does not hold the earring properly and it makes it almost impossible to wear stud earrings. If the piercing has completely torn or worn through, earrings can't be worn at all. Incompletely torn earlobes can occur over time just from wearing heavy earrings. Torn earlobes can occur as a result of trauma; usually, this occurs from having earrings pulled on or getting them caught on something. Many women have stretched or torn earlobes for years, not knowing that these can be repaired with a minor office procedure.

Mole Removal

Moles can be bothersome to patients and in some cases may indicate cancerous cell growth. In addition, they often are unattractive, large, raised, or even hairy. They can be found anywhere on the body, but those on the face are most noticeable. If there is any rapid growth, pain, bleeding, itching, scabbing, or change in color, the mole should be biopsied. This procedure will provide us with a diagnosis to determine if the mole has to be removed.

Abdominal Hernia Repair

Abdominal hernias are a tough problem to fix with a notoriously high recurrence rate.  A component separation is a plastic surgical technique that takes tension off of the repair, lowering the risk of recurrence.  Dr. Jandali performs abdominal hernia repairs with a general surgeon and uses the best and safest meshes to reinforce the repairs.  He will often use the new biologic meshes when appropriate.  Old widened abdominal scars can usually be removed with the repair, as well as excess skin on the abdomen.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction

Skin cancer can affect any area of the body.  Dr. Jandali removes skin cancers on sensitive areas of the body, like the face, as well as large skin cancers anywhere on the body.  He hides the scars in natural skin folds and uses small skin flaps and skin grafting when necessary.  Dr. Jandali treats basal cell skin cancer, squamous cell skin cancer, melanoma, as well as rarer forms of skin cancer.

Scar Removal and Scar Revision

Scars from previous surgeries or trauma can often be dark, widened, hypertrophic, or keloid.  Dr. Jandali removes old scars and uses special plastic surgical suturing techniques to ensure thinner and flatter scars.  He also performs steroid injections into thick scars that don't need complete removal.

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