Are You A Candidate For a Breast Augmentation? By Shareef Jandali M.D. on November 06, 2013

Posted by Dr. Shareef Jandali

Breast Augmentation Fairfield Connecticut

A breast augmentation, otherwise known as a "boob job", is the surgery performed for women who want to increase the size of their breasts.  However, breast augmentation can also lift the breasts slightly for women with sagging breasts.  In addition, breast augmentation can be used to make the breasts more symmetric if one is larger than the other, by using two different sized implants.  For women with tuberous breasts, the breast shape can be corrected with breast augmentation using an incision around the areola. 

Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

Most women are candidates for a breast augmentation surgery.  If there is sagging of the breasts, usually a breast lift is needed in addition to the augmentation in order to give the best result.  Determining whether you will need a breast lift can be done by looking in the mirror and looking at the position of your nipple in relation to the crease underneath your breast.  If the nipple is above the crease, breast implants alone will usually give a great result without a breast lift.  They will increase the size of the breasts and give fullness to the top of the breasts.   If the nipple is below the level of the crease, a breast lift is generally necessary with the breast augmentation in order to have nicely shaped breasts.  If a breast lift is not performed, often the implant will be in the correct position (above the crease), but the rest of the breast will hang over and off of the implant.

Breast Implant Sizes

The next important decision to make is how large you want your breasts to be and what size implant to choose.  This is performed with the guidance of your plastic surgeon, who will give you a safe size range that fits the dimensions of your chest.  It is important to communicate what kind of look you are trying to achieve with your augmentation, whether a more natural and conservative look is desired versus a fuller and more augmented look.  Women will often refer to a friend that has certain size implants.  Care must be taken to remember that each individual has a different size and shape to their chest, as well as a different amount of breast tissue. 

Breast Implants Too Big

If too large of an implant is placed on a woman with a very thin and narrow chest, this can be unsafe and increase the risk of implant visibility, stretching of the tissues, bottoming out of the implant, and an undesirable outcome.  In other words, the exact size of a breast implant will look different on different people. The way an implant looks varies with different factors such as your chest size, ribcage size, the width of your sternum, and your current weight.  It also very much depends on your current breast shape, volume, base dimension, and tissue quality. 

Choose Your Breast Implant Size with our Sizing System

In our office, we use the Mentor® Volume Sizing System (shown below) to get an accurate idea of which size implant would fit best.  The molded silicone implants are not the actual shape of the implants that are used in  the augmentation, but rather they are shaped so that they can fit in the bra easily and allow the patient to test different sizes.

Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos (click here)

Patient from Bridgeport Connecticut after Breast Augmentation with 325 cc Silicone Implants

breast augmentation silicone implants fairfield bridgeport trumbull connecticut jandali plastic surgery     breast augmentation silicone implants fairfield bridgeport trumbull connecticut jandali plastic surgery

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